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Dynamic data for growth

The fastest short cut to sales and growth lies in the ability be relevant for an audience at the right time and that beats paying to interrupt them every time. The Factive tools help you to find relevance by prototyping multiple scenarios and validating with response data. This way you get direct and simple answers, instead of analytics insights and complicated data sets with too many open-ended interpretations and opinions.
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Key Benefits:

  • Broadens the scope beyond traditional processes
  • Application across strategic positioning, innovation, NPD, marketing, and sales.
  • Aligns across strategic, product, marketing, and sales function with a transparent and data driven process
  • Reduces time spend in manual data handling process due to the WIT algorithm

RESONANCE is response modelling. It uses dynamic data to identify the propositions that creates the strongest response. RESONANCE helps to qualify the tangible and immediate potential for growth. It separates the efficiencies across insights, overall market drivers, features and benefits, and brand values in driving consumer action. It’s faster, more accurate, actionable and cost effective than any traditional research or analytics approach.

Resonance uses prototyping to discover strongest possible proposition a brand can make to trigger the consumer or customer response they seek. The tool is applied to quantify and qualify a new brand positions, shape and optimise innovations & NPD, as well as identifying key messages for marketing initiatives. The approach replaces opinions, preferences, and guessing with facts that facilitate faster and more effective decisions.

The process is divided into three phases. In EXPLORE we expand the sphere of potential messaging, levering company knowledge amplified with the Atlas platform. In MATURE we shape the identified areas into propositions that have market viability.

In PROVE we apply data analytics and modelling to validate propositions against KPIs and market benchmarks. The Resonance platform is based on the proprietary WIT algorithm that processes data into tangible and simple visualisation 70% faster than any other tool limited by node edge visualisation. This means that complex sets of data that represents human behaviour are translated into simple, yet accurate, visual forms, which facilitates understanding, conversation, and conclusions that lead to direct action.


With SONAR we get to understand, what the consumer finds relevant and useful when interacting with your category.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlocks relevant consumer behaviour, preferences, and barriers
  • Reveals true competitive set and Identifies immediate market potential
  • Dynamic data in real-time and historical perspective allows for integration into daily workstream
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This provides a transparent and broad view of how you can generate growth with existing portfolios, NPD, and innovation: By becoming a natural part of existing behaviour instead of struggling to change it.

The unique advantage of Sonar is its ability to convert highly complex data into consumable pieces of information. Sonar allows you to quickly understand the underlying market dynamics and enables you to effectively pinpoint areas of high and low friction. This information allows brands to effectively leverage areas of unexploited potential within the consumer space.


SCOUT enables you to track all relevant dynamics in your market in one simple view. Anticipate opportunities to grow as well as rising threats, to provide you with the best conditions to re-act and become proactive.

Key Benefits:

  • Dynamic competitive ranking
  • Integrates all major digital platforms
  • Real time active modelling

We employ Scout as a transparent and real-time view of the current situation and provide direction for potential action as well as continuous tracking of progress. Instead of trawling through multiple dashboards, reports, and sheets you have one simple and transparent view to understand and share the status quo.


PULSE brings transparency and clarity to the SoMe conversation. Get to understand what brand, content, and channels is actually performing in the world of your brand. So accessible and cost effective, it’s easy to integrate in any organisation.

Key Benefits:

  • Cross platform and cross brand view
  • Performance measurement on consumer relevance not category or industry perspectives
  • Dynamic and real-time data

Pulse is a supplement to traditional social media monitoring and tracking tools. Instead of just monitoring your brand we leverage other tools in the Atlas platform to identify which brands are actively competing against your brand for attention. All the relevant brands across all relevant SoMe platforms are combined in one integrated presentation, that allows for development of strategies, plans, activities based upon actions users are more likely to engage with. Pulse is also applied as an extended monitoring system for continuous optimisation.