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Eliminate doubt that gets in the way of doing

Ironically gathering, keeping, analyzing, reporting, and paying for data often takes more resources out, than the results they provide in return. Factive challenges the way traditional data collection and research are applied to assist decision-making within strategy, innovation, and marketing. We are helping businesses grow with dynamic and predictive tools, that facilitate more accurate, predictive, and more efficient decision-making processes than any traditional approach.

Our data isn’t filed in power points stored on company servers and soon be forgotten. They live on platforms, where customers, partners, and further stakeholders can work with them and prolong value way beyond the initial conclusions. Our tools help replace complicated, lengthy, and expensive research and data collection approaches in four simple steps:

Discover: We use intelligent data to understand the narrative around the category of the brand.
Prototype: We amplify human curiosity and creativity with technology to prototype all imaginable outcomes.
Predict: We apply the wisdom of the crowd to predict the response across all scenarios versus defined KPIs with dynamic data.
Do: Based on full and transparent data, the alignment and business case process is fast and gets you faster to implementation

Data that looks backwards can’t help you move forward

Relying on traditional research and analytics for growth is like driving a car and navigating by looking in the rear-view mirror.
Historical data is not very accurate when it comes to creating the direction that leads to growth. This type of data is great for sub-optimization, but that should never be mistaken for growth. When you’re looking for growth, you need data, that is predictive.

Passion with purpose
Data with perspective

In most processes imagination and curiosity comes either before or after data validation. Brains first, heart later, or the other way around. The trouble is that when we separate the two, the value creation is dependent on the interpretations of one or a few individuals. When imagination, curiosity, and vision connect with data, we can create data sets, that are both more explorative, more accurate, and predictive. We can also make processes more transparent and a lot more fun to be part of.

Make it fast
Make it simple
Make a difference

Lots of data can create a very nuanced and granular understanding of markets, audiences, performance rates, and many other perspectives. It can also entail lengthy processes and a high level of external costs. But granular and lengthy doesn’t lead directly to assertive decisions and action, which is what is required in order to grow in today’s connected global markets.