What we do

Data for Growth

Based on our core technology platform, Factive offers a wide range
of services to companies and consultancies

Passion with purpose
Data with perspective

We want to help business spend less time speculating and more time doing. Less time thin slicing conclusions about the past and more passion towards creating more value and meaning for their customers. When imagination and data empower each other, the vision and ambition in the hearts of humans find their footing in all the realities, we can create.

Some data is collected for conclusions
We create data for decisions and action

Based on our core technology platform, Atlas, Factive offers a wide range of services to companies and consultancies. Our engagements vary from project-based collaboration including consultancy services based on the platform, to ongoing partnerships, and white label solutions for organisations with internal capabilities to utilise the platform. Services are currently in active offering across Europe, US, and Asia.

Changing behaviour is demanding
Becoming part of it doesn’t have to be

The heart of Factive is our proprietary cloud-based platform; Atlas.

The Atlas platform powers our tools to be able to work with multiple data sources, large scale volumes of data, complex structures, and calculations in a dynamic real-time environment.

Scout is an integrated cross platform ranking system. Across multiple variables it provides you with a quick overview of your current status and trends in the market and surrounding categories.
Sonar is a digital cross platform analysis tool that reveals consumer behaviours and motives. It has the ability to provide an unprecedented view of consumer behaviour in the marketplace, based on large scale datasets in a dynamic setting.
Pulse is a supplement to traditional social media monitoring and tracking tools. Instead of looking at just your own brand, we leverage the other Tools of the Atlas platform to identify the brands, you are fighting for attention.
Resonance is a prototype-based tool, that helps companies discover the strongest possible proposition it can make to create the consumer or customer response they seek.

Challenge everything

Think fast & simple

Trust data

Act with conviction and passion

Who we are

We offer strategic consultancy driven by tech, tools and platforms for self-service. We are here to change realities of the status quo with imagination powered by technology and data as our tool, creating more meaningful and useful relationships between humans and companies.