A new perspective
for growth

Never mistake sub-optimization for growth

Consumer behaviour is not exclusive to any category for more than short moment at a time. Yet most research, strategy, and marketing efforts are based only on the context of few brands.

It leads to ineffective spending towards exhausting an added few percent out of the same pool of customers all businesses in the category are competing for. But more importantly it leaves little attention left for growth. For the huge volumes of people that may be looking for content and conversation you could be part of. What if you are missing out just because you currently can’t see or hear them?

That’s what SONAR is here to help you do.

With SONAR we get to understand, what the consumer finds relevant and useful when interacting with and your category. Based on real behaviour, not research derived and interpreted insights.

SONAR helps you:

  • Identify, qualify, and differentiate significant the consumer behaviour surrounding the category and your brand
  • Provide a transparent and broad view of how you can become a natural part of existing behaviour
  • Avoid investing ineffectively in the market

Developing financial services in plastic surgery


  • Millions of data points
  • Website, search, and SoMe
  • Cross-platforms & devices

Interaction perspectives:

  • Interest
  • Involvement
  • Relevance
  • Trust
  • Friction
  • Footprint

Dynamic eco-system

  • Close competitors, broad audience and full connected system of brands
  • Based on overlapping consumer behaviour

Reinventing lead

Media growth

Accessing millions of data points, SONAR helps you identify relevant volumes of consumer behaviour. It clarifies what competitors and potential collaborators operate in that space, and helps you qualify how you can benefit from being part of it. Where most other tools are speculatively predictive, SONAR is based on actual behavior. And has been proven to create pathways to growth across international markets.